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Please send your information on the following pattern to help you to specify your problems. Kakim Sb. Personally goes through every e-mail and panel of expert Hakim review every individual case. Our unani medicines has legacy of more than 1000 years of tradition & knowledge and our medicines are prepared strictly in accordance with the age, old medical scripts, text and manuals of unani practice with the help of modern scientific tools. Now world renowned western doctors has conceded that where modern medicine failed to cure, these “Unani herbalism” steps into cure the in curable. Today unani medicines is recognized world wide by world Health Organization (WHO) as one of the alternative system of medicines and form an integral part of national health care delivery system for those who are unable to find a solution. We show them right direction through valuable consultation.

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Dr. & Herbalist (Hakim) Shafqat Ali Shah from Pakistan is now very much known to everyone in the world. We have inherited Tibb and ancient formula of medicines from our predecessors for more than 200 years and blend it with new medical research.

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